Planned Outings

Mid-week Dance-outs

Start time is 8pm

April 30th: Bugsworth Club

May 23rd: Red Lion, Litton, with Powderkegs Morris

June 12th: Bollington/Kettleshulme area with Adlington Morris (TBC)

June 18th: Beehive, Coombs, with Chapel Morris Men (TBC)

August 15th: Robin Hood, Rainow, with Powderkegs Morris

In Preparation

Marple to Bollington Canal Tour

We’ll be taking one of Jason’s boats from Bollington Marina on a trip from Marple, stopping at pubs along the way to do a few dances

Leek Market

Leek market is the third Saturday in the month… but we haven’t chosen the month yet. This will be a dance-out with Leek Morris, who share Cracken’s melodeon player, Adam.