Cracken Morris is a mixed side that performs morris dances from the Cotswold tradition, particularly from the villages of Leafield (Fieldtown) and Bledington. We like to dance with style, energy, and a sense of fun, building our own elements of originality on a solid foundation of the distinctive character of each village tradition. Our repertoire, and our distinctive “take” on the dances is outlined on the Dances page.

We formed in March 2017 as a group of friends with experience in dance and music in both Cotswold and Border Morris, and have picked up a number of like-minded people since. We are based in Chinley, in the Peak District of Derbyshire, roughly half way between Manchester and Sheffield. We called ourselves “Cracken Morris” mostly because we liked the sound of it, but the name works for us because of multiple associations. Read more…

Practices and Joining Us

We practice in Chinley in on a Monday evening. If you are interested in meeting with us, or joining us, please see the Practices and Joining page.

Dance Out With Us, Invite us to Dance

We like dancing out with other sides. If you’d like to visit our local area, drop us a line and we’ll arrange something. Alternatively, we’d love an invitation to join you.

We also like a good day out, being part of folk music/dance events in our region, and would welcome an invitation, although we might just try to invite ourselves.

Cracken Morris has public liability insurance through Open Morris.