Cracken Session

Members of Cracken Morris host a monthly music session:


On the third Tuesday of each month in Whaley Bridge, starting from 8pm.

We originally intended to use the Railway Inn, but this is currently closed, so we are using the White Hart.

A mix of old and contemporary music in the traditions of:

England, Scotland, Wales, sometimes Ireland,

Continental Europe, Old-time America, Nova Scotia, Australia, and …


This is a joining-in session, with mostly tunes but occasional singing.

We’re a friendly bunch, looking forwards to people bringing along their favourite and newly-discovered tunes, but also happy to play those old favourites.

Ours is mostly a “style over speed” session.

Lets play dance music you could dance to, airs like you could sing them, marches like you could march to…

Announcements and chat: online/email forum (google group)