As a newly-formed side in 2017, the question “what to wear” kept us busy over several pub sessions. We agreed quite quickly about the avoidance of white trousers and that we should adopt a monochrome theme. We also decided that rather than having a uniform, having coherent but personal kit was the way we would go. This also gives us the chance of developing our idea of the Cracken identity, and making additional bits of kit as we go along.

Basic kit comprises:

  • black trousers with light pinstripes
  • a white shirt with black pinstripes
  • a black waistcoat when it is cold
  • Plain bell-pads
  • white hankies, or white with black Paisley pattern

Other bits of kit

  • optionally, a “newsboy” style flat cap
  • when they get made, some black and white elbow ribbons
  • a pinstripe jacket for the musicians, to keep them warm
Variety on a Theme

A member of the audience was heard to comment that we look a little bit like out of work bankers.