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Category Archives: Arduino

Debugging Arduino using debugWire (+ Atmel Studio and an AVR Dragon)

This post is motivated by the lack of information about using debugWire with an Arduino (or similar) on the web. There are quite a few brief comments on the forums and people asking how to do it but nothing really good, with the possible exception of a post by Steve Cogswell which refers to an […]

Simulating Arduino Code using Atmel Studio 6

The next post will look at on-chip-debugging (OCD) but it is worth using the Atmel Studio Simulator first. Using the simulator isn’t practical unless the input-output is pretty simple because it doesn’t simulate attached devices or real-time events. But even so, you can fiddle with input/output at the bit level and follow the way variables […]

Using Atmel Studio 6 IDE with Arduino (Uno and Leonardo)

The benefits of the Atmel Studio 6 IDE (if you can get to grips with it) are described in various places so I won’t repeat them here. For my part, I began using it with an AVR Dragon board for programming micrcontrollers directly (i.e. not using the arduino or similar development boards). I have also […]

ScratchBoard Emulator using Arduino Uno

Here is a circuit and arduino code to approximately emulate a ScratchBoard; there is sound, light, a button and four sliders but it isn’t a drop-in replacement. Zip file download (55kB) contains a schematic (as a PNG graphic and as a TinyCAD file) and an Arduino sketch. Various notes: The electret mic used was an […]

TinyCAD Library for Arduino

Here is a small library for TinyCAD for Arduino Uno R2 and R3 owners. Also included is a symbol for the 1602 LCD module. TinyCAD is free to download and use but is Windows-only. I find it very easy to use for schematics (which I prefer to Fritzing FWIW). Download: Arduino Library (zipped). Please let […]