Rial’s Dungeon – an Open Source Tile-turning Game

This game is played on a table with bits of paper, counters and dice. The rules are quite simple and it is intended for playing with children. There are monsters, treasure, potions, traps, locked doors, chests… the usual stuff.

TheĀ Rials Dungeon v1 zip file download contains:

  • rules (MS Word docx)
  • the playing board (9 printed pages to stick onto a board backing) (MS Word docx)
  • sets of tiles to print out and guillotine (MS Word docx), which are laid out on the playing board and revealed as play proceeds
  • sets of cards (MS Word pptx) to print out and guillotine, which relate to contents of chests, chance events, useful items and treasure

There is no nice artwork and the rules get revised each time we play.

All content in the ZIP is licensed using CC BY-SA 2.0 UK because I want anyone who improves it to share their improvements back. Please link back to this post so I can find improvements and variations.