A Template for “Top Trumps” using MS Powerpoint

I had a fancy to create a template for my kids to make their own Top Trumps cards and thought I could do better – from the point of view of usability – than what I could (relatively easily) find on the web.

Here is my first attempt Top Trumps Template, NB only uploaded for MS Powerpoint 2007 as there are a couple of niggles to resolve for backwards compatibility. Let me know what you think. The same “Creative Commons” licence applies to reuse just as for everything else on this site. Please feel free to comment…

Some notes on using and adapting the template:

There are 3 layouts set for the “slide master”, one for the card (with lots of placeholder boxes for text and a picture), one for a title card and one for a rear side.

I’ve used a combination of placeholder boxes (i.e. the boxes you normally add your content to) and some boxes that are only editable in the slide master (for content that will be the same for all cards). I’ve also set the background colour in the slide master.

The table at the bottom of the card is achieved by a bit of a dodge. There is an empty table with an alternating row style which I have “sent to back”. In front on the left side is a text box with the category names that can only be changed in the slide master. In front (of the table) on the right side is a placeholder for per-slide text. Font size and line-spacing has been chosen carefully to match the table. Basically: if you want to change the number of categories you need to know what you are doing

7 thoughts on “A Template for “Top Trumps” using MS Powerpoint

  1. I was making my own Top trumps for res mat when I wandered upon your template. Thank you so much you have probably saved me hours.

  2. Couldn’t figure out how to work with the table, but gave me all the ideas I needed. Thanks!

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