TinyCAD Library for Arduino

Here is a small library for TinyCAD for Arduino Uno R2 and R3 owners. Also included is a symbol for the 1602 LCD module. TinyCAD is free to download and use but is Windows-only. I find it very easy to use for schematics (which I prefer to Fritzing FWIW).

Download: Arduino Library (zipped).

Please let me know if there are errors.

3 thoughts on “TinyCAD Library for Arduino

  1. Folks –
    I’ve now switched to using Eagle in preference to TinyCAD, although TinyCAD is still handy when the schematic is basically “an arduino with a few bits attached”. Although the part libraries can be a bit of a nightmare, it has the advantages of being able to do PCB layout, being more “industry standard”, and probably having more developer effort to maintain it. It is also available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Downside is that there is no guarantee that the free version will be available long-term (but its in their interests to get students using it, I suppose) and you are limited to 1 sheet schematics.


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