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Review of CTC Tools – Don’t Buy from CTC Tools!

The prices look good but CTC tools is hopeless. I ordered some tools and got a tracking code, with a shipping date of Nov 25th. The tracking said the local courier had not yet received the package. After several weeks I queried this and was told that the package had in fact been returned due […]

Route Between Crowden Clough and Kinder Downfall

The lay of the land and the nature of the water channels probably makes this route over Kinder Scout easier to find when taken from Crowden Clough to Kinder Downfall. The path is generally visible but a compass is necessary equipment to avoid being misled in poor visibility. HOWEVER, the right of way marked on […]

Bulk Upload of Historical Weather Data to Wundergound

A few months ago I bought a weather station but only lately registered with Wunderground and was slightly dismayed that the software I use (Cumulus, which is heaps better than what the station supplier included) does not post historical data; it only uploads to Wunderground what it downloads from the station when Cumulus starts up. […]

Making Elmer’s “Tall Vertical Open Column”

The late Elmer Verburg designed quite a few relatively-easy-to-build model engines. All are made from bar stock. The second one I have made is #32, the “Tall Vertical Open Column”. As many people do, I made a number of minor changes. These are described here, along with some construction notes I wrote to help myself, […]

Death of a Corsa (1.0 Twinport)

The sad remains of my Z10XEP engine. The piston rod fractured just next to the big end bearing with “intersting” consequences. It didn’t sound as bad as it looks; it sounded like there was just something like a branch caught under the car. Initial diagnostic scan was P0335 – CKP Sensor A Circuit Performance – […]

A Template for “Top Trumps” using MS Powerpoint

I had a fancy to create a template for my kids to make their own Top Trumps cards and thought I could do better – from the point of view of usability – than what I could (relatively easily) find on the web. Here is my first attempt Top Trumps Template, NB only uploaded for […]